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Advertise Offerings

We offer several marketing aspects and offerings available to serve your needs. From traditional means that continue to deliver to cutting-edge ideas and solutions that no other stations are offering, 105.5 The Bull has a solution for EVERY Business or Organization and can work with ANY budget.

Advertise Today! 615-375-1085 or 931-645-6414

10 Second Commercials

Enhance your brand by taking advantage of high frequency and a strong message to promote your Business and do it in 10 Seconds!

30 Second Commercials

Creative and poignant campaigns have never been more important and 105.1 The Wolf can transform your 30 Second Commercial into a 30 Second Campaign.

60 Second Commercials

Take control of the airwaves and get creative with a 60 Second Commercial that promotes your Business and maximize the amount of time you have available.

Custom Flight Schedules

Perhaps you’re just looking to schedule a flight of commercials strategically to accomplish your mission. Let us go to work today to build a custom solution for you today!